Thank You!

AG_CodeWERKS is just getting off the ground, and already has some great reviews, a warm reception, and interest in the site is growing.  We certainly hope our tools are helping.

Hopefully you have discovered greater javascript ease-of-use with the AG_launcher for After Effects. It’s served actual VFX production for ten years, and it is great to see it catching on!

The open source WATCHDOG-ae render manager is garnering a lot of attention.  Yes, it is currently limited to macintosh computers (to the dismay of some), but we look forward to the open-source community building on it to move it to multiple platforms.  There is a need for a PC version, better html support, and other possible tools – and why not go for IOS? (there is no IOS render engine, people. Humor).

The best news is that there is more product racing toward release as you read this. The goal is in the first quarter of 2019 to have even more useful production tools available to purchase in our store.  There will always be some free tools there.

So stay tuned, and stay creative!


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