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AG_folderToy – Custom folder group presets – COMING SOON

AG_directToy – Custom Directory group presets – COMING SOON

AG_reporter – Export multiple data points for shot tracking databases – COMING SOON



AG_Cleaner – remove dead effects, consolidate comps, remove old solids, and write out backup reports – COMING SOON

AG_IOsplit – Input/Output render and directory routing tool – COMING SOON



AG_CamLinker – Bake any camera down to a single camera, despite how complex its parenting, or multiple animation channels – COMING SOON

AG_hiPass – quickly build highPass comps for tracking – COMING SOON

AG_zenTracker – Designed to refine automated tracks, or track difficult points by hand. – COMING SOON



AG_handleSet – set work area to known bracketed handles – COMING SOON

AG_matchLength – Math the length and rate of all selected comps to any other – COMING SOON

AG_renamer – Rename and number  comps, footage, layers, or properties – COMING SOON