Announcing: AG_direcToy, and AG_folderToy!

Announcing: AG_direcToy, and AG_folderToy!




Custom Folders and Directory Pipeline Right in After Effects!

Layout your file pipeline using After Effects, and simplify your production.

Visual effects and motion graphics generate a lot of data. Organizing this information is crucial to success, and a clean directory structure is the core of this “pipeline.” Major VFX production facilities rely on folder structure to coordinate their teams, or as an active database, but it often requires a separate programming team to support it.



No Two File Structures Are The Same

Everyone does it their own way, for various reasons. It’s what artists and engineers do.


Now Its Simple!

With AG_direcToy it is possible to create templates for project structure directly in After Effects, based on the name of your shots or assets. You can define the templates simply by making folders in the project window, and defining them with a click of the button. Merely select the files, solids, or composites in your project window, click the button, select a place on your hard drive to save, and viola! Your folders are built according to your preset.

AG_folderToy works on the same principles as AG_direcToy, but with folders in the project window. Have a template folder layout you want to use, or a folder subset for a specific task? Build them and share with anyone using the common preset file.

Common Preset File

Wherever you store these scripts — we recommend in the AG_GoBOX folder, along with AG_Launcher — a small text file will save all of your presets. These can be manually edited, and shared with anyone else. Since these tools are designed to work from anywhere, even a USB thumb-drive, storing the presets in the After Effects preferences makes little sense.






What Are AG_GoBOX Scripts?

AG_direcToy, and AG_folderToy are part of the AG_GoBOX collection. They are After Effects javascripts designed to manage shot setup and data needs for your production.  The goal of AG_goBOX is to provide some of those functions to the small studio without a need for the programming staff.

Buy your copy in the AG_CodeWERKS store and Get Organized!

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