Motion and Data Exchange tools

Mocon, by 3Dmation, is an open-code toolset for After Effects, and Maya that exchanges camera and motion data between the two packages, Syntheyes, Modo, and Nuke – among several other AE scripts. Developed originally for IMAX stereo3D productions, it has been at the core of many toolsets ever since.

Several methods now exist to exchange this kind of data between apps, but this one was one of the first — based on tools written for the ILM Rebel Group.  Use as they exist, or hack and slash the code to your needs.

One of my essential toolkits.

Get MoCon and the 3DM_stereo toolkits at this link HERE!


Why is it listed on AG_CodeWERKS?

I have been working with the developer for some time, and part of this code was co-developed by both of us.  Also, it is really useful!



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